FLU Vaccine Packages and Inserts Admit………dangerous to your health and they Shed.

FLU packages and Inserts Admit -getting a shot is a waste of time and money and could be dangerous to your health. If you need more proof than that then go get your own package and insert. Just don’t get the shot.

Package states MERCURY is ingredient in flu shot

Flu package with mercury

Inland Empire Health Plan admits Flu Shot does NOT prevent the flu.

Flu Vaccine Does Not Prevent The Flu.

Sick Greedy Bastards pay school kids between ages 5 and 17 to get a flu shot. No parent approval needed. This ad was in a school, guess why? Because they are paid big bucks to get their students injected. That’s why!

vaccine Flu shot get paid

No one would feed themselves or their kids these ingredients knowingly yet parents are tricked into injecting directly into the blood streams of their children, these same ingredients . Stupid!

Vaccine flu

Actual vaccine insert states: there have been no controlled trials adequately demonstrating a decrease in influenza disease after vaccination with FLULAVAL.

Vaccine Flu GlaxoSmithKline

And a different person’s vaccine insert says the same thing.

Vaccine flu - no trials proving flu vaccine works

FDA website shows fluMist sheds. That is why they want it given to kids in schools and also in food shops like Walnart and Shoprite and in Drug Stores, That way they get to poison everyone who enters those stores as well.

Vaccine Shedding of Flu Mist

Johns Hopkins Hospital Patient Information – Shedding of recently Vaccinated

Vaccine -Johns Hopkins Vaccines shed warning

Vaccine insert.

Vaccine insert pages vs what patients are given


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