Larry Cook GoFundMe for No Vaccine Mandates

My GoFundMe Page: – I am raising $20,000 through GoFundMe so that I can create video and written stories that will be shared with legislators and the public. The $20,000 will be used to create a two-day event at a hotel where I can photograph, interview and videotape 30 to 50 participants in the Los Angeles area. Participants will include parents who have vaccine injured children, parents who have vaccine free children, parents who vaccinate their children, medical professionals, legislators, attorneys, nurses, daycare workers and others. Either personal stories will be shared, or professional opinions will be shared, regarding why forced vaccination is an abomination of our civil rights and 1) why legislators must oppose all such legislation, and 2) to bring more people into the cause.

There will be three types of content produced during the hotel event: 1) video interviews, 2) written interviews with a writer, and 3) professional photography headshots so as to have a uniform look and feel for the entire project. The video interviews will all start with a similar opening of stating the name (first name or fake name is okay), that s/he opposes mandatory vaccinations, and why. The written interviews will begin with submissions to our writer prior to the hotel event and then while at the hotel the writer will ask clarifying questions and record the conversation and then create final written pieces. The photography will be against a white background and will have two purposes: 1) to be companion to the written portion, and 2) to be used on the home page of the website as a slider image with a quote.

I have an entire website planned for this project, and essentially the website will have categories of people who share their reasons why to oppose mandatory vaccination. There will be a banner slider that switches up every 5 seconds with a new person and a quote from that person why s/he opposes forced vaccination. There will be downloadable documents of each story so that the stories can be used on any other website devoted to stopping bills that would mandate vaccination. Videos will also be able to be shared. There will also be a resources tab that will have links to all of the known groups in each state working to defeat these abhorrent vaccination bills.

I also plan to print flyers based on the stories gathered and to ship those out to various groups as handouts for legislators. We’ll probably start with parent stories, but I also want to have lawyers, legislators, medical professionals and others in these handouts. Depending on the amount raised, we could even create a full color booklet with a lot of content in it that can be handed be passed out to legislators. I have launched, published and sold two magazines, and have experience with this kind of printing and communications development.

These stories and interviews will have a dual purpose: 1) communicate with legislators why to oppose mandatory vaccinations, and 2) to recruit more people into the cause to fight for their civil liberties and to reject government mandated medical procedures on our children and everyone.

Although I want to interview a lot of types of people for this project, I am particularly interested in giving a voice to parents with vaccine-injured children. They have been ignored, discounted and otherwise swept out of sight – along with their damaged children – and it is time for their voice to be heard. They have pain, and their children have pain. And we must hold our government, medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry accountable for this abomination called “immunization” which has ruined so many lives in so many ways. It is time to put a stop to this. Join me, donate, and get involved wherever you can.

I thank you, and I will give updates as the project moves forward.

In Health and Dedication To Health Freedom,

Larry Cook

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