An ER MD waking up thanks to an informed nurse.

I work at a hospital. (I don’t want to say which one). Anyways, I was down in the ER about to pull some medications for a patient when I overheard 6 doctors in the doc box talking about a patient who had tested positive for both strains of the flu after getting the flu mist 6 days ago.
They were debating amongst themselves if A.) the flu mist was a live vaccine or not
B.) could you get a disease from the live vaccine
C.) if they would have immunity or not 6 days post vaccination

Needless to say, they were getting no where & confusing themselves.
They saw me standing there & I said ‘Those answers are on the vaccine insert.’
One of the doctors (who I truly do love, he’s a great man) said ‘Oh! Yeah! I have it right here!’ & pulled out the sheet of paper they give you at the pediatrician office.
I said ‘no, the actual insert from the manufacture’
They all looked at me confused.
So, I got on the computer & printed the vaccine insert (19 pages).
They started looking it over & talking amongst themselves again.

I went on about my day & a couple hours later, one of them stopped me & asked if every vaccine has an insert that in-depth. I told him it did. He said he learned a lot from the insert & some of the data troubled him & he’d like to look into the others.
I asked him what bothered him & he said ‘I had no idea live vaccines shed. I feel incompetent saying that out loud but I truly didn’t. I also didn’t realize how ineffective the flu vaccine was. We were always told numbers of greater than 50%. I also didn’t realize those adverse events could happen from a vaccine. It really has me thinking.’

So, there you have it ladies & gents. An MD, a VERY knowledgable ER doctor who knows close to nothing about vaccines. But, the seed has been planted & I pray he looks into things. I told him to let me know what he finds out.

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