RIP Abigail Cashman December 18, 2013 – March 16, 2014

December 18, 2013 – March 16, 2014

Today, Abigail would be turning 2 years old. Vaccines cut her life short. Please send your love and healing thoughts towards this family. Her mother didn’t even want her vaccinated and was totally against them. Another family member took her to the doctor and allowed them to vaccinate her.

Abigail’s grieving mother Christine Cashman wrote this just over a year ago,

“This is my baby girl, Abigail Amelia, who passed away on March 16, 2014 after a vaccine reaction. She died after she was given the 2 month shots. DTaP, HIB, IPV, PCV, Hep B and Rotovirus.This month was the first month I’ve actually been able to grieve somewhat properly. I love that baby girl and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to move forward…but I’ll try. Her current “official” cause of death is SIDS.

Abigail didn’t receive the vaccines right at her 2 month birthday, they were just the round of shots given at or around the two month mark. She died a week after receiving them, and the injury was a series of mini-strokes, caused by the vaccines.”

A recent update:

We’ve been working on that “official” cause- extensive death investigation – and have enough that it’s vaccine injury but of course we need to go through the NVICP for anyone to truly acknowledge or believe it. People have no idea how real this is to families (until it happens to theirs).”

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