Vaccine Dumb Bernie Quote

Even the hospitals state Bernie has it back to front. Vaccinated shed the diseases and the unvaccinated need to protect themselves from the shedding. If someone does not have a disease how can they give it to someone who is supposedly vaccinated against it any way. However, those that are vaccinated are the ones spreading the diseases. Don’t believe me, check out the patient information sheets below.


The 4-month old infant who was famously known as the “Bernie Baby” on social media … has died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. (The term they use for vaccine injuries)

Oliver Jack Carter Lomas-Davis‘s mother Souxsie says her son died on February 25. She made the sad announcement on Facebook.

Oliver became a phenom when his mom dressed him up in a wig and glasses to look like Sen. Bernie Sanders and posted the pic online.

The senator actually got to meet his youngest (we’re guessing) supporter a few weeks ago during a rally in Las Vegas

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vaccine-bernie-baby-2016-twitter-4 Of course it is not SIDS, it is vaccine damage.


  1. How ironic. Bernie Sanders, going against our Constitutional rights, the Bill of Rights, and the Nuremberg Code, supports FORCED vaccinations on the population, citing the pharmaceutical industry’s declaration of “herd Immunity.” Vaccination has never produced herd immunity, but the vaccine package inserts and the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Act (put in place in 1986 to absolve the pharmaceutical empire from all liability, and put the burden of payment on the taxpayers) confirm that vaccines DO cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). So much that the public is not aware of, and this is by design.

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