Was 12-Year-Old Vaccine Boy a Hoax? [My Incredible Opinion]


12-Year-Old Vaccine Boy Update/Partial Retraction

I wanted to post a video update to the VaccineBoy hoax story but I have a raging sunburn on my head/face from being the Daddy Express for 4 hours at a pool party this weekend and the lizard skin effect I’m sporting would just not be that pleasant. I have spent the last 48 hours obsessing over every little detail of this thing and I mean every little detail, down to hair styles and conflicting shirt collars. I wanted to retract one or two things from my original video and confirm a couple of other things. Before I do, let me just say this: As adult like as this kid talks, please remember that he’s just a kid and that he may not have the emotional fortitude that you or I do. Social media can make insta-stars of anyone, whether they’re ready for it or not. I’ve gotten less than .1% of the traffic his video has and it has caused me some lost sleep. I’m sure he and his family are no different. I realize that his thoughtless, fact-free video drivel was hurtful and made it easy to hate him. Don’t. Channel it towards change. I will show you how. Keep watching. We can do this.

Here are my partial retractions:
1) I don’t believe the Vaccine video was shot on a professional camera anymore. I believe it was shot on an iPad. I did some eye-alignment tests using the front-facing camera on my iPad Air (shot in Landscape mode with front-facing camera on my left), and looking at the right of the screen to align a paper I was holding produced similar eyelines as the kid. I also noticed the exposure changing whenever he brought in and out the paper- something that a professional camera would likely not do (pro camera operators don’t use auto-exposure very often).

2) I don’t believe the APlus media writer knew about the video before it went up. I spoke at length with her, twice over the past two days and she has convinced me she found the post organically through a Facebook group she follows (not a member of) called A Science Enthusiast. She is an avowed Believer, I realize. She could be lying to protect an elaborate PR set up, but I think she is telling me the truth.

Here is what I have confirmed, which will be at odds with 1 and 2.
1) Many people have suggested (including the Aplus writer) that Google dated the suspect articles May 24th because that was the date on the content embedded within the post. Ergo: You create an article on June 8th that contains a Facebook video from May 24th and Google will show May 24th as the day that article was created. I have not found this behavior anywhere I’ve looked, and the two SEO experts I spoke with have never heard of this behavior. In fact, I went through 20 Aplus articles that contained embedded content from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Vimeo and I never found a single instance of Google dating the article based on the embedded content. Similarly, I went through a couple of articles on Babble that contained embedded content and was unable to find a single instance of Google dating articles based on embedded content.

That means there were still 4 VaccineBoy articles I could find that have May 24th dates on them. If you do the Google search now, you may see different dates than I showed in the original video because of updates done to the page. Regardless, the dates won’t move backwards, only forwards. The author of one of the articles has me convinced they didn’t know about the video until May 27th. But still, Google says May 24th. I can’t explain it any other way than the articles, or placeholders for them, were up on that day.

There are still strange things about this that befuddle me. Why is he wearing the same thing in both videos, but the wear and tear on his shirt makes it look 3 months older in the Portrait video.

I still believe that there is money behind this kid, that someone is dropping some dosh or working very hard to make him an Instastar. Perhaps vaccines just happened to come up on the radar. Perhaps he will never talk about them again. We’ll see. I’m more than happy to have him on my show. We can play Ping-Pong if he doesn’t want to debate vaccines. Loser admits the winner is correct in their belief.

I look forward to more videos from me that have nothing to do with a 12-year-old kid regurgitating bullet points from a 30 year old pharma rep brochure. I hope you do too. And that is my incredible opinion.

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