Polio – 1952 Atomic Bomb Test

Robin Goffe


It is the one thing that so many “older” people hang onto when accepting the risks of excessive vaccinations. Just in these last two days I heard two very different stories of Polio.

I met a woman today, who told me that she had 28 grandchildren. How wonderful.
She counted off her 7 children and how many kids they each had. Then she got to one child who has 4 out of 5 children with autism.

“Whoa” I told her.

“Yeah, somebody told him it was vaccines. But it isn’t. ~they~ already said it isn’t the vaccines.”

“It is the vaccines.” I told her.

“No, its not, his kids can’t even go to school and they wear diapers still….all of them. But they don’t have polio. Thats the good thing.”

wow. Just wow.

The day before while at the old farm that my husband and I bought way out in the country, As one might expect, it appears that at this very small community the towns people want to know more about us and someone did a google search. I know this because as the towns people drop by to say hello, they ask about our son Ty and go out of their way to talk to him and to shake his hand. Yesterday, a neighbor came by and had something to tell us: His name was Ken and he just turned 90. Ken was healthy and was wearing jeans and cowboy boots and easily jumped the three feet down to the ground while climbing out of his truck. He introduced himself but got to the point.

“Is that your boy over there? The sick one?”

“Thats Ty , yes.” I told him, realizing that the towns people had passed on our situation to one another.

“Usually when so many people get sick, it has to do with the government” He said Flatly. “My son got Polio from the atomic bomb tests of Nevada in 1952.”

Ken went on to tell us that at the time, there was a great deal of press that the atomic bomb was going to be tested and that all were welcome to come and watch. Ken explained how he drove over at 4:30 am and that they were told that of a distance that was safe to watch without harm. Ken took his 6 year old son with him. There was hundreds of cars lined the freeway and they got out and watched. Ken held his son on his shoulders. The bomb went off and Ken told us that you could read a newspaper from the brightness of the explosion. Afterwards he returned home and later noticed a light pink powder on his sons skin. By mid morning as his son was outside playing with the cat, he started quivering. Within the end of the day, his son came down with polio. …As did half the people on the freeway watching the atomic bomb and ended with the light pink dust. It never made the news nor the papers. But hundreds of people had polio by that days end, all were there watching the atomic bomb.

“It is not a virus” Ken told us, “it is a poison…. People said they got sprayed with DDT and got polio.” We were lied to about the atom bombs safety and what Polio is and you were lied to about how your son has that autism.”

Naturally I looked on Youtube and right there is a video of the atom bomb test from 1952.

I also have noticed something else regarding the history of Polio. There is no mention of Polio AT ALL in the 1800s. Not one peep.


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