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Shawn Siegel

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 Hi ho, hi ho,

it’s off to the Texas Capitol I go, to hand the following to the people manning The Immunization Partnership’s iron lung exhibit – complete with one of the monster machines on display:

The only reason we no longer see the iron lung is because it was replaced years ago by the ventilator, used today by thousands.

Fact: the government radically changed the diagnostic parameters of polio right after the Salk vaccine was released, automatically eliminating 90% of subsequent diagnoses – 30,000 cases a year we were told and are still led to believe were prevented by the vaccine.

That’s not disease eradication – that’s a con game.

In 1954, the year the Salk vaccine was licensed, if you experienced paralysis for 24 hours you’d be diagnosed with polio. *No lab analysis was required*. Beginning in 1955, you had to be paralyzed for 60 days to warrant the diagnosis. If you were paralyzed for 59 days and then recovered (the majority of polio cases recovered within a few weeks) you would not be diagnosed with polio, *even if lab analysis determined you had the poliovirus*. This flies in the face of virology. They could have easily set the parameter to 90 days, and eliminated another 5% of diagnoses – how haphazard!, and what a demonstration of the power our supposed public health authorities have over our beliefs. Without those severe diagnostic changes, upwards of a million cases of polio would have been diagnosed over the last sixty years, but we’re told the vaccine prevented them.

The CDC sculpts public perception with the point of a pen.

There are currently diagnosed on an annual basis in the U.S. thousands of cases of aseptic / viral meningitis, Guillian-Barré syndrome, acute flaccid paralysis and a variety of other diseases which carry flaccid paralysis among their symptoms. Pre-Salk vaccine, these would all have been labeled polio.

This is about coercion of the worst kind, using your fear for the health of your child. Using the power of the media, the vaccine industry – government, manufacturers and to some degree, the medical establishment – terribly misrepresented both the extent and threat of polio during the 40s and early 50s, creating a mounting public fear and accompanying clamor for a vaccine. Since the advent of the vaccine, what is in reality the illusion of its success has been used as a banner of the industry, to motivate the uptake of all vaccines. The same type of deception is rampant throughout the industry, and fuels the paradigm. The first step toward thwarting the deception is to become aware of it.

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Grandparents for Vaccine Truth

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