Flu Shot contains vaginal spermicide causing infertility, and more…

“Still don’t believe vaccines are being used for depopulation? This year’s flu shot contains a vaginal spermicide. Polysorbate 80 and Octoxynol 10 both cause infertility. Octoxynol strips the sperm and does not allow it to fertilize an egg. It is known as one of the most potent spermicides.

“Fertility has been declining rapidly since the 1950s in all countries of the world and the start of the change coincided with the introduction of the first mass vaccination programs. For instance, in the UK in 1947, a mass DPT vaccine campaign was initiated and in 1958, the first polio and diphtheria vaccines were brought in on a mass scale for all people under 15 years old.”

“It’s time to wake up now.

“No wonder they push the flu shot so hard.
Read the inserts. Research. We have the world at our hands with the internet but we have all become more stupid.”
Brooke Adams

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