Offended Over Trump`s supposed Haiti “Sh*thole” Comment? Spend time reading and watching the truth.

First things first – Let us look for the motive behind someone saying Trump (supposedly in a private meeting with a few people including his enemies/haters, only one of which heard him say it) called Haitians shitholes – First Red Flag – Haitian Official Condeming Clinton’s for NOT passing on the billions of aid they received from donors worldwide.

See Article quite a ways below – Second Red Flag – The mysterious death of the Haitian Official in the above video.

Fact is the Clinton’s love going to shithole countires (the people are not being called shitholes, the devastation of the disaster and the fact that it has not been cleaned up even though BILLIONS were donated to do so, is why the shithole reference) and stealing their children for pedophilia. Also the Billions sent to the Clinton Foundation from worldwide donors never helped anyone in Haiti. It just helped the Clinton’s.

Third Red Flag – an email.

Hillary Emails –

Fourth Red Flag – why would the Clinton’s protect a woman, Silsby,  who was caught taking 33 children out of Haiti with no official paperwork and lying about the fact they are orphans?

Anyone who thinks the current Trump govt. is doing nothing and has been doing nothing needs to watch this report given by the Office of Inspector General. Now if you don’t know how important that office is, you need to watch this as well. The take down of the deep state shadow govt.  of which the Clintons are a huge part, has been in process for many years. Trump is in office as the last move before shtf. They cannot just reveal all to the American public apparantly because most are so unaware of what is really going on that they would be too shocked. So revealing it in stages so it is easier to digest has been the plan. This is a world wide event but of course the USA govt. is what this is about. Draining the swamp of pedophiles and treasonous aholes. This is a must watch if you want to hear directly from the mouth of the OIG about what has been going on and what is going on.

The OIG report , The War, Investigation and the Forthcoming Storm

 I just cannot fathom the amount of ignorant hate the media is spreading by once again misinterpreting a possible comment, made in a private meeting that a hater made sure they reported to create hysteria. IF the comment was actually made, I took it as the actual state of the country that is a shithole, not the actual people. And why is Haiti in that shithole state to begin with? Obviously nature wrecked havoc, however, has everyone forgotten that Billions of dollars of aide were sent directly to the BUSH’s and CLINTON’S via CLINTON FOUNDATION, along with other supposed charitable foundations. So, where is all that money? That is what everyone should be outraged about. WHERE IS THE MONEY? If Trump did say that, it was most likely to bring attention to the fact that the money has never been used to rebuild Haiti or help the people there. And so the country is still in a state of shitholeness. NOT THE HAITIAN PEOPLE. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!! You are being played by the media. Stop falling for their twisted reporting and hate spreading rhetoric.

Some Truths Revealed Below:

Rand Paul on Donald Trump’s (denied & unproven) Sh**Hole Comments

Given the history of the American Red Cross victimizing the people of Haiti AND Texas, and given the Clinton Foundation’s activities in Haiti and Hillary’s role specifically in toppling Gaddafi in Libya, we wonder if there’s more to the story…

Sen. Dick Durbin Just Revealed Why He Lied About Trump Saying ‘S***hole’

This program will deal with a clear case where Senator Dick Durbin clearly lied in a case when Obama was president. Why then would so many of you believe him when he claims Trump referred to Haiti and/or African countries as “shithole” countries?

Diamond & Silk: Trump is not a racist; he’s a realist

Alveda King: Outrageous to call Trump ‘racist’

During the Campaign: Trump Hears Powerful Testimony from Haiti Official Insider

Haiti Official Who Exposed The Clinton Foundation ‘Charity’ Crimes Is Found Dead

Haiti Official Who Exposed The Clinton Foundation ‘Charity’ Crimes Is Found Dead

Laura Silsby (Child Trafficking in Haiti w/ ties to Clinton) is now Laura Galyer, working at AlertSense (Amber Alerts) Every time I read this it turns my stomach…and I will continue to share until something is done about this monster.

What ever happened to keeping a private presidential conversation private, like Obama requested?

Offended Over Trump`s “Sh*thole” Comment? Wait Till You Hear What Obama Called This African Country

Gee, who actually creates ‘shitholes’ around the world by bombing them to smitherenes?

Conversation with JoAnne and Jimmy Moriarty on Libya Experience and Western Backed Terrorism, 1 of 4

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