Vaccine “Safety Testing” is Fraudulent

Dr. Andrew Wakefield gives a short overview of why vaccine “safety testing” is fraudulent on so many levels, including the fact that vaccines are NOT tested the same way pharmaceutical drugs are tested: double blind placebo tests. This video is of a Q&A after the screening of his documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe – a MUST SEE documentary by everyone. — with Andrew Wakefield, Del Bigtree and Polly Tommey.

Dr. Wakefield Proven Right ….. Again

Andrew Wakefield is a true hero who continues to stand for his values & our children. He deserves to, at least, be heard…

Have you read the original Lancet article? Co-author Walker-Smith was exonerated in UK. Their study was well structured & never claimed the MMR vaccine caused autism. Wakefield was completely railroaded on a bogus charge. Read the article & make your own judgement…

* he wasn’t anti-vax when the study was done.
* he wanted to see MMR separated and taken individually because he felt it was the 3 in 1 aspect that was causing the neurological damage.
* his research was to focus on the gut connection and how vax damaged kids experienced Chrohns-like symptoms. “Was” because they yanked his funding.
If the mainstream media would stop repeating the tired old party lines and research. But that would fly in the face of their biggest backer.

Wakefield’s partner, Walker-Smith, had the funding to appeal.…/english…/

I remember Wakefield saying in an interview there were 12 Doctors who contributed to the study. They were surprised to find measles present in the gut, where it shouldn’t have been. He was persecuted because he vocalised his concern in a press conference, at that time he wasn’t ant vax just a good Doctor doing his job.

I believe that he found bacteria in the gut of the children brought to him that is present in the mmr

Wakefield questioned something and they really didn’t like that. They made up massive lies about him & effectively shut him up & made a model out of him….this, or worse, is what happens to truth tellers…

I have great respect for ‘discredited’ doctors. Stripped licenses seem to mean they know something the bigwigs don’t want others to know.


Controversial Doctor and Autism Media  Channel Director proven right

MMR Vaccine Causes Autism & Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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