Advance Vaccine Directive Card – is a valid Advance Health Directive or Living Will

“The Advance Vaccine Directive is a valid Advance Health Directive or Living Will binding on the medical community under the law of Informed Consent. The Wallet Card our legal team developed is based on the latest US Supreme Court “I Do Not Consent” case, Missouri vs McNeely(2013). It covers circumstances in which you may find yourself facing not-consented vaccination, such as being brought into an ER and being subjected to immediate vaccination.” Ralph Fucetola JD

US Supreme Court Says: Your Right to Refuse Only Exists IF You Assert It!
Assert Your Right to Refuse ALL Vaccines With ADVANCE VACCINE DIRECTIVE Card
IMPORTANT NOTE: Each Member of Your Family Must Carry His/Her Own Signed Card

Advance Vaccine Directive Card: Wallet Sized and Laminated.
Sign Immediately and Carry With You At All Times.

GcMAF and Vitamin D3 from the sun

Introduced as the “Mistress of the Macabre,” Dr. Rima Laibow of the Natural Solutions Foundation was Vinny’s guest for the second hour. Starting with the recent series of suspicious deaths of alternative doctors and natural health practitioners, Dr. Rima thoroughly explained a possible link to the GcMAF/ nagalase interaction and the further connection with vaccines as well as the recent push to MANDATE vaccinations in several countries as well as in some states in the USA. She offered a strategy — an Advanced Health Directive — we can use to protect our Right to Refuse as set forth by the US Supreme Court.
Check out her website… for the full details.