Indiana General Assembly 2016 Session – Hospital employee immunizations. Your Votes and Calls needed

Indiana: Call your reps!!!

In Indiana, SB162 just passed the full senate with a vote of 50 to 0 and is off to the house.

From National Vaccine Information Center:

SB 162 , vaccine mandates for hospital employees, passed the full senate on 2/2/16 by vote of 50 yes and 0 no. The bill is now in the house pending committee assignment.

SB 162 was amended and has become a much worse bill. The amended version that passed:

— Eliminates the personal belief exemption.

— Restricts the religious exemption by allowing a hospital to establish a process for determining whether the tenets of the religion relied upon by an individual for purposes of a religious exemption would prohibit the individual from receiving an immunization.

— Restricts the medical exemption to medically contraindicated.

— Allows employees to be fired and protects the hospital or agent from any liability for firing an individual.

Senate Bill (H)

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Hospital employee immunizations. Requires a hospital, beginning January 1, 2017, to administer or make available to be administered certain immunizations to hospital employees or contractors who routinely have direct contact with a patient of the hospital. Allows a hospital to elect to annually administer or make available certain immunizations to other employees and contractors. Provides for exceptions. Allows a hospital to establish a process for determining whether the tenets of the religion relied upon for an exemption prohibit the individual from receiving the immunization. Authorizes a hospital, if the hospital has a written policy in place before the individual’s failure to receive the immunization, to: (1) make as a condition of employment or a contract an individual having an immunization; and (2) terminate an employee or contractor for not obtaining the immunization if the employee or contractor does not qualify for an exemption. Provides for immunity for the hospital.