***************************************************************Report: Obama Administration Handed Child Migrants Over to Human Traffickers


The disastrous, forgotten 1996 law that created today’s immigration problem

The immigration reform Hillary Clinton wants could be limited — or even undermined — by a law her husband signed.



This is from my friend- 1st hand info NOT regurgitated propaganda. Facts about the border and these children!

“My family is in mexico. dont believe the lies told by the media.
12,000 children held by ICE. 2,000 came with their parents and will not be separated due to trumps exec order he passed because congress kept rejecting the bill that would keep the children with their families.
10,000 children came WITHOUT their parents. There’s no parents to rip them from. Because they were SOLD. 10,000 kids were abducted or sold from their parents I to sex slavery into the US. We had adults trafficking 10,000 kids into the us that was NOT theirs. Child sex trafficking. And Trump is fighting it. Look up facts, research the bill and who voted NO against it. I crossed the border many times to visit my family and the media is not reporting even 2% of what is really going on in there. White american men come to the border to have sex with mexican children and leave. The wall protects the MEXICAN people as well. I am a Trump supporter and I am a half Mexican…” ~Dana Marie thank you for telling the truth!