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NY Take Action: Dinowitz introduces bill requiring flu shot for pre-schoolers

NY Take Action: Dinowitz introduces bill requiring flu shot for pre-schoolers
Same guy who introduced the bill to eliminate religious exemptions

      New York Assemblymember Jeffrey Dinowitz  (D-Riverdale) issued a press release yesterday saying he introduced legislation that will require all children enrolled in state regulated pre-schools and daycare in New York State to get flu shots. He claims he did this in response to an NY Supreme Court judge throwing out a New York City regulation requiring pre-schoolers to get flu shots. Last year the CDC admitted yet again that the flu shot had no efficacy at all. Yet Dinowitz wants to force this ineffective product plagued with significant side effects, and still containing mercury in many versions, into the bodies of our youngest and most vulnerable citizens against the will and best judgment of the child’s parents.

Dinowitz is also the author of A8329, the bill that would eliminate religious exemptions in New York. The flu shot bill language is not available yet, nor has it been issued an identification number. We do not know of any State Senator yet who will introduce the bill in the Senate.

As an initial response to this new threat to the children of New York please click on the Take Action link to send a message to your Assemblymember stating your opposition to the Dinowitz bill.

Please call Dinowitz’s district office in the Bronx and in Albany today and share your thoughts on this bill and his proposal to take away your right to a religious exemption.  District office: (718) 796-5345, and his Albany Office (518) 455-5965

In the last six months the Speaker of the New York Assembly, the Senate Majority Leader and two other State Senators have gone to prison on corruption charges. US Attorney Preet Bharara says more indictments are coming. In the last five years there have been dozens more convictions. Our legislature is corrupt to its rotten core. This proposal has nothing to do with public health and everything to do with Albany responding to the money lavished on the legislature by the vaccine industry.

Only two states require flu shots for pre-schoolers, New Jersey and Connecticut, but New Jersey allows an automatic exemption upon presenting a letter, and Connecticut offers an automatic opt out by filling out a form. In New York City and many other school districts around the state obtaining an exemption is extremely difficult.  Our children’s bodies do not belong to the vaccine industry and their toadies in Albany.

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