NY Take Action: Dinowitz introduces bill requiring flu shot for pre-schoolers

NY Take Action: Dinowitz introduces bill requiring flu shot for pre-schoolers
Same guy who introduced the bill to eliminate religious exemptions

      New York Assemblymember Jeffrey Dinowitz  (D-Riverdale) issued a press release yesterday saying he introduced legislation that will require all children enrolled in state regulated pre-schools and daycare in New York State to get flu shots. He claims he did this in response to an NY Supreme Court judge throwing out a New York City regulation requiring pre-schoolers to get flu shots. Last year the CDC admitted yet again that the flu shot had no efficacy at all. Yet Dinowitz wants to force this ineffective product plagued with significant side effects, and still containing mercury in many versions, into the bodies of our youngest and most vulnerable citizens against the will and best judgment of the child’s parents.

Dinowitz is also the author of A8329, the bill that would eliminate religious exemptions in New York. The flu shot bill language is not available yet, nor has it been issued an identification number. We do not know of any State Senator yet who will introduce the bill in the Senate.

As an initial response to this new threat to the children of New York please click on the Take Action link to send a message to your Assemblymember stating your opposition to the Dinowitz bill.

Please call Dinowitz’s district office in the Bronx and in Albany today and share your thoughts on this bill and his proposal to take away your right to a religious exemption.  District office: (718) 796-5345, and his Albany Office (518) 455-5965

In the last six months the Speaker of the New York Assembly, the Senate Majority Leader and two other State Senators have gone to prison on corruption charges. US Attorney Preet Bharara says more indictments are coming. In the last five years there have been dozens more convictions. Our legislature is corrupt to its rotten core. This proposal has nothing to do with public health and everything to do with Albany responding to the money lavished on the legislature by the vaccine industry.

Only two states require flu shots for pre-schoolers, New Jersey and Connecticut, but New Jersey allows an automatic exemption upon presenting a letter, and Connecticut offers an automatic opt out by filling out a form. In New York City and many other school districts around the state obtaining an exemption is extremely difficult.  Our children’s bodies do not belong to the vaccine industry and their toadies in Albany.

Please share this message with friends and family and please post to social networks. And please help the Autism Action Network fight for you and your family by making a donation at  www.autismactionnetwork.org.


DO NOT SIGN the Refusal to Vaccinate form by American Academy of Pediatric’s ‘Legal Dept.’

Below is a safe alternate Refusal to Vaccinate form you can use instead.

The “Refusal to Vaccinate” form was created by the American Academy of Pediatric’s ‘legal department’ as a response to the growing number of toxic vaccines recommended by them and the growing number of parents who are becoming educated on this issue.


The form attaches a child ID # that will be identifiable in the electronic records system across the country. Everyone from the school to the NSA will be able to determine who is and who is not vaccinated.#2
The scientific term for HPV vaccine is listed to discourage parents from making the connection to the dangerous vaccine for HPV called Gardasil. [See Open Letter From a Grandmother to Her Daughters About Gardasil]#3
Do not place any marks in any of these boxes. The physician’s records will indicate which vaccines your child has received. It would be best to put a large X through the entire section.#4
The CDC Vaccine Information Statement is pure unadulterated propaganda. The real information about vaccines was exposed in 30 Years of Secret Official Transcripts Show UK Government Experts Cover Up Vaccine Hazards See info about the CDC – #9.#5
Again the parent is misled to think the truth about vaccine risks is on the CDC web site.The doctor has the vaccine package inserts right in his/her office. Why is it not offered and explained to the parent? The physicians may have read them or not. However, the physicians are certainly aware that if the parents read the ‘official risks’ put out by the drug corporations, they would refuse the vaccines. Full disclosure is almost NEVER a part of the process.#6
“I understand the following: The risks and benefits of the recommended vaccine(s).” This of course would be agreeing to a false statement. You cannot understand the risks without reading and understanding the package inserts.#7
Parents are falsely told that without vaccines their children could suffer dire illnesses but are not told the dire illnesses/injuries the vaccines themselves could cause . . . including death. [See 30 Years of Secret Official Transcripts Show Government Experts Cover Up Vaccine Hazards]

This refers to the “herd immunity myth” of 1933, which has been proven unscientific over and over and over again. Simply put: if other children have been vaccinated – and the vaccines work – they won’t contract a disease from your child.

Entities are listed as “strongly recommending” the vaccine schedule. Again however, parents are NOT given full disclosure as to exactly who/what the entities are and what their motivations might be. Listed on the Refusal to Vaccinate form are the following entities and a brief description of their motivation:

  • The ‘physician’ – is rewarded for administering vaccines by higher reimbursements for his fees. His vaccine “rates” are checked to determine whether or not he/she is entitled to more money. Physicians, public health workers, and drug companies have all been given immunity from any possible lawsuits that may arise as a result of vaccine-caused injury or illness. In other words, if a vaccine harms your child or causes autism you cannot sue any of them.
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics which is a corporation headquartered in the STATE OF ILLINOIS – that receives lots of money from drug corporations for advertising in their Journal, etc. This organization relies heavily on what they believe to be a “government” health advocacy agency known as the Center for Disease Control (CDC).
  • The American Academy of Family Physicians which is a corporation headquartered in the STATE OF KANSAS – that also receives lots of money from drug corporations for advertising in their Journal, etc.This organization also relies heavily on what they believe to be a “government” health advocacy agency known as the Center for Disease Control (CDC).
  • The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) which is a corporation headquartered in the STATE OF GEORGIA. The CDC IS NOT PART OF A LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT. Repeat: the CDC IS NOT PART OF A LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT! It is a private for-profit corporation that is chartered under the umbrella of the private for-profit UNITED STATES corporation with extremely close ties to the pharmaceutical companies. [See: Our Government is a Company, the Clearfield Doctrine and The Great American Adventure – Secrets of America by Judge Dale
Bottom line: all of the above “entities” make more money if they vaccinate our children and even more if our children get sick from the vaccines . . . including the pediatricians themselves.
This is the broadest and most nefarious part of this so-called form.”Nevertheless, I have decided at this time to decline . . . I know that failure to follow the recommendations about vaccination may endanger the health or life of my child and others . . . I therefore agree to tell all health care professionals in all settings what vaccines my child has not received because he or she may need to be isolated or may require immediate medical evaluation and tests that might not be necessary if my child had been vaccinated.”This is not only deceptive and untruthful [see numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8] it is asking you to confess that you know you are harming your child (and others) and don’t care. It is asking you to agree to inform any/all people who consider themselves to be healthcare “professionals” (not defined) of your child’s vaccination record. You are also agreeing to permitting undefined healthcare professionals to keep your child in isolation due to unproven or unknown exposure to a myriad of undefined communicable diseases – with or without testing.
This is an admission that you understand this contractual document – and its significance – ‘in its entirety’. This means that you accept the false information sited as factual, chose NOT to do what you now know to be good for your child and others (are negligent), obligate yourself to embarrass and confuse your child by tracking and reporting on the vaccines you protected your child from, and give permission for your child to be tested or removed from your care and put in isolation for any ‘supposed’ exposure to any ‘undefined’ communicable disease by anyone calling themselves a healthcare worker. [Ohio Revised Code 3701.13]In short, the form wants you to attest to the following . . . in writing and in the presence of a witness::
  1. You understand you are signing a contract with performance requirements
  2. You accept false information as factual and don’t care
  3. You don’t care if your child or others are harmed by your decision
  4. You agree to volunteer to all pretend healthcare workers your child’s vaccine record
  5. You agree to allow others to test or isolate your child for unproven exposure to a disease
Here is the kicker. You are asked to sign, initial and date this document in front of a witness who also dated their signature. This is called an unconscionable adhesion contract: “a legally binding agreement between two parties to do a certain thing, in which one side has all the bargaining power and uses it to write the contract primarily to his or her advantage.”Let’s think . . . how much money is made by forcing all children in American to be ‘fully’ vaccinated? Billions or is it trillions?

*For Californians

Here is the form that is being used in California as is should be filled out:
**California Personal Beliefs and Exemption Form**

Note: only the child’s name is filled out and the form refers to an attached VACCINATION NOTICE (see below). The LEGISLATORS and employees of the STATE OF CALIFORNIA have absolutely no authority to require parents go to a health care provider. They are not qualified to make that determination and have absolutely no authority (or training) to establish those parameters.



  • Inform the nurse or doctor that as the Refusal to Vaccinate form is an adhesion contract with performance requirements, you must take it home and read it more thoroughly. No one can force you to sign a contract. It is very important that you don’t allow yourself to get bullied into signing this form on the spot.
  • Ask for the vaccine package inserts to take with you. Explain that you always get a list of side effects from the pharmacist when you pick up a prescription – before your take it. Say you need those inserts to make an informed decision. If they ask you to accept a ‘handout’ say no. Just politely repeat your request. If they still say no, just let it go.
  • On your next visit to the pediatrician or family practitioner, inform him or her that you are not interested in signing the Refusal to Vaccinate form because after due consideration you have decided that it would not be in your child’s best interests . . . which it would not!



Download the LAWFULLY YOURS pdf guide posted at the bottom of this page (the instructions start on page 30), and the Word Doc templates for Vaccination Notices are linked right below it. Select the one(s) you wish to use. https://anticorruptionsociety.files.wordpress.com/2015/06/pocket-card-notices.pdf


SAFE – Refusal to Vaccinate form here: Vaccine Refusal of Recommended Vaccines

Free IMMUNITY Guide With Vaccine Exemption forms! – The People’s Chemist

 Vaccine Immunity Guide
Parents who choose not to vaccinate their children and protect them with vaccine exemption forms are often chastised and stereotyped for putting their own kids at risk. But what is even stranger than this assault on individual freedom and informed choice, is that these concerned parents are attacked for putting vaccinated children at risk.

Continue reading Free IMMUNITY Guide With Vaccine Exemption forms! – The People’s Chemist


Dun and Bradstreet Corporate Listing

Step1/ After watching this: History of the Act of 1871 – 13:37 minutes

–  and this – 1:09:57 in length

read this thoroughly – vaccine affidavit-of-commercial-lien-aba-executives

This is so good. You must read the entire affidavit to know why you must file your Public Notice of Birth Jurisdiction.


Step 2/ NOW read this as a follow up to the above:  http://vaccinecommonsense.com/2015/12/13/letter-to-federal-agents-from-alaskan-supreme-court-judge-anna-maria-riezinger-anna-von-reitz/

Step 3/ NOW use the template found at the  link below to remove yourself legally from this corrupt system. The courts cannot touch you and their false laws cannot touch you, legally if you do this. Click on the link below.


or read this post for a slightly different perspective and other things that can be done: http://vaccinecommonsense.com/2016/01/05/the-ucc-connection-how-to-free-yourself-from-legal-tyranny-howard-freeman/

This link may help explain further and more simply why even though you are a living human being with sovereign rights the govt. sees and treats you as an individual corporation that they control and own (including all your possessions, even your children).


Step 4 – for extra information, for knowledges sake. A persons experience with the IRS.                                    http://anticorruptionsociety.com/2015/11/17/searching-for-the-authority-of-the-irs/

What you can do to take back our country: 7:50 minutes –  http://wethepeoplecommonlawgrandjury.com/file/Welcome.html

More interesting stuff – 5:02:53 in length. Very comprehensive


Take back Control of Your Money.
Every penny of your tax dollars pays for your national debt to the banksters.
The banksters then loan your hard earned tax money back to the govt. and charge interest on it for your basic public services.
If you earn an average salary over your lifetime you will pay the banksters over 1,000,000 in taxes.
3/4 of your lifetime of work pays for your government debt to the banksters and your personal debt to the banksters on your mortgaged houses, your car loan, student loans and other loans.
The banksters game is all about taking your money in taxes and then loaning your money back to you again with interest.
They take property taxes, gas taxes, food taxes, clothing taxes, and dozens of other taxes and fees.
Collectively the public willingly hands over trillions of dollars annually to the banksters by depositing money in their banks, paying taxes to their central banks, supplying labour to the corporations, buying stock in their corporations and then spending their savings in their corporate superstores.
So what do the banksters do with all your money that they pocket? They bomb, rob, kill, colonize, exploit and advance their cause for global control and for your eventual enslavement.

Refuse to fight their wars.

London Washington Italy

Public Notice of Birth Jurisdiction Template and Vaccine Template

People are ignorantly consenting to a commercial jurisdiction…the birth certificate confirms this…

You have to dispute your status and jurisdiction on public record… Continue reading Public Notice of Birth Jurisdiction Template and Vaccine Template

Vaccination Notice of Non-consent for Physicians and Schools


Look for pages 30 through 35 for vaccine non-consent templates.

See below,  but for proper formatting etc. go to link above. Continue reading Vaccination Notice of Non-consent for Physicians and Schools

Letter to Federal Agents from Alaskan Supreme Court Judge Anna Maria Riezinger (Anna Von Reitz)

dated: Nov 28 2015


Anna Maria Riezinger (Anna Von Reitz)
November 28, 2015
Big Lake, Alaska
Dear Federal Agents:
I am addressing this letter in this way, because it is my understanding that it will be read by members of both the FBI and the US Marshals Service. It is also my understanding that you have available for examination a wet-ink signed copy of the illustrated affidavit of probable cause entitled “You Know Something Is Wrong When…..An American Affidavit of Probable Cause” as back-up reference and evidence. Continue reading Letter to Federal Agents from Alaskan Supreme Court Judge Anna Maria Riezinger (Anna Von Reitz)