Dun and Bradstreet Corporate Listing

Step1/ After watching this: History of the Act of 1871 – 13:37 minutes

–  and this – 1:09:57 in length

read this thoroughly – vaccine affidavit-of-commercial-lien-aba-executives

This is so good. You must read the entire affidavit to know why you must file your Public Notice of Birth Jurisdiction.


Step 2/ NOW read this as a follow up to the above:  http://vaccinecommonsense.com/2015/12/13/letter-to-federal-agents-from-alaskan-supreme-court-judge-anna-maria-riezinger-anna-von-reitz/

Step 3/ NOW use the template found at the  link below to remove yourself legally from this corrupt system. The courts cannot touch you and their false laws cannot touch you, legally if you do this. Click on the link below.


or read this post for a slightly different perspective and other things that can be done: http://vaccinecommonsense.com/2016/01/05/the-ucc-connection-how-to-free-yourself-from-legal-tyranny-howard-freeman/

This link may help explain further and more simply why even though you are a living human being with sovereign rights the govt. sees and treats you as an individual corporation that they control and own (including all your possessions, even your children).


Step 4 – for extra information, for knowledges sake. A persons experience with the IRS.                                    http://anticorruptionsociety.com/2015/11/17/searching-for-the-authority-of-the-irs/

What you can do to take back our country: 7:50 minutes –  http://wethepeoplecommonlawgrandjury.com/file/Welcome.html

More interesting stuff – 5:02:53 in length. Very comprehensive


Take back Control of Your Money.
Every penny of your tax dollars pays for your national debt to the banksters.
The banksters then loan your hard earned tax money back to the govt. and charge interest on it for your basic public services.
If you earn an average salary over your lifetime you will pay the banksters over 1,000,000 in taxes.
3/4 of your lifetime of work pays for your government debt to the banksters and your personal debt to the banksters on your mortgaged houses, your car loan, student loans and other loans.
The banksters game is all about taking your money in taxes and then loaning your money back to you again with interest.
They take property taxes, gas taxes, food taxes, clothing taxes, and dozens of other taxes and fees.
Collectively the public willingly hands over trillions of dollars annually to the banksters by depositing money in their banks, paying taxes to their central banks, supplying labour to the corporations, buying stock in their corporations and then spending their savings in their corporate superstores.
So what do the banksters do with all your money that they pocket? They bomb, rob, kill, colonize, exploit and advance their cause for global control and for your eventual enslavement.

Refuse to fight their wars.

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