Chair of Chemistry at the University of Kentucky Explains the Autism Epidemic

“It’s farm boy logic.  It was high school science.


 I feel like I’ve been in a fifteen year argument with the town drunk” (referring to his attempts, as the chair of chemistry at the University of Kentucky and a leading expert on mercury toxicity, to try and speak with the CDC about the dangers of mercury.)

Dr. Boyd Haley recently retired as chair of chemistry at the University of Kentucky.  His specialty was mercury toxicity.  He has published a significant body of work and collaborated with top researchers around the world.

In this six minute video he breaks down the parameters of the autism epidemic, explaining in broad strokes what we know and where the questions are.  He also fumes a little about his frustration trying to communicate with government “scientists” who seem unable to understand the basics of science.

Boyd Haley, PhD The Effects of Synergistic Toxicities and Genetic Susceptibilities on the Toxic Effects of Inorganic and Organic Mercury…

What the News Isn’t Saying About Vaccine-Autism Studies

[The following is a news analysis and commentary]

A new study this week found no link between vaccines and autism. It instantly made headlines on TV news and popular media everywhere. Many billed it as the final word, “once again,” disproving the notion that vaccines could have anything to do with autism.

What you didn’t learn on the news was that the study was from a consulting firm that lists major vaccine makers among its clients: The Lewin Group. Continue reading What the News Isn’t Saying About Vaccine-Autism Studies

A List of Vaccine Free Children’s Books That Promote the Truth

There are a number of books out there that promote vaccines that push such propaganda.  However, there are only a limited number of educational books on the market that actually teach kids that many of these illnesses are normal childhood sicknesses that help strengthen our immune systems.

Continue reading A List of Vaccine Free Children’s Books That Promote the Truth

What Does Obama’s Appointee for Next FDA Commissioner Mean for Us? Agency Now Officially Owned by Big Pharma

article obama robert califf 735-350

President Obama’s appointee just sailed through the approval process, and has been approved as the next FDA Commissioner. What does this mean now that Robert Califf, known for having financial ties with Gambro, Regeneron, Gilead, AstraZeneca, Roche and other companies, but who is also equally in equity positions in four medical companies? It means the FDA has officially been bought by Big Pharma. Continue reading What Does Obama’s Appointee for Next FDA Commissioner Mean for Us? Agency Now Officially Owned by Big Pharma

The Claim That Stephen Hawking is Really a Vaccine Injury

stephen hawking

Vaccine injuries are a tricky diagnosis, but that’s more because pharmaceutical companies live in a bubble of government protection. One thing we do know is that illnesses at one time considered anomalies are now being attributed potentially to vaccines. And such is the case one Redditor is attempting to make, citing that Stephen Hawking illness, ALS, is actually a vaccine injury. Redditor Lucy Cohen presented the argument to Reddit 7-months ago and it opened a discussion. The discussion has since been shut off, however, I thought I’d republish her post here and let the comments serve as a continued discussion.

The original discussion is located here. Cohen asserts the following:

Continue reading The Claim That Stephen Hawking is Really a Vaccine Injury

The Top 6 Reasons Why Parents Should Never Be Forced To Vaccinate Their Children


More and more parents around the globe are choosing to opt out of vaccinating themselves and their children. As a result of this trend that’s been gaining more and more momentum, a harsh response has come from the “pro-vaccine” community -criticizing parents for their decision to not vaccinate. At the end of the day it’s not really about “pro-vaccination” or “anti-vaccination,” it’s not one “against” the other or about pointing fingers and judgement, it’s simply about looking at all of the information from a neutral standpoint. It’s about asking questions and communicating so people can make the best possible decisions for themselves and their children. Parents love their kids and the vaccine “controversy” has made it difficult for many parents to know what to do.

It’s not just parents, it’s doctors too.

A new study published in the journal EbioMedicine outlines this point, stating in the introduction:

Continue reading The Top 6 Reasons Why Parents Should Never Be Forced To Vaccinate Their Children

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ACIP (Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices) listened to this public comment, in person, this evening.

Be encouraged!
ACIP listened to this public comment, in person, this evening. The transcript will be sent to every committee member and included in the meeting minutes, which will soon be available to the public on the CDC website.

Injury and Death by Vaccines
February 24, 2016

First of all, I want to thank you for your expertise. Thank you for listening to these public comments. It is a privilege to be able to speak to you today.
I am here to talk about your recommendations in general, but first I want to share with you something new that affects me personally today. I am pregnant, and my health care provider follows your advice to recommend the inactivated flu vaccine and the Tdap. The CDC website tells me that the flu shot is safe for me and my child and that it has been shown to protect us from the flu. Unfortunately, the manufacturers for every single flu vaccine on the market today publicly state the exact opposite, in writing. Currently, Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, Sanofi Pasteur, Protein Sciences Corporation, and bioCSL, state that safety and effectiveness of their flu vaccine have not been established for pregnant women. The same is true for Tdap, according to Sanofi Pasteur and GlaxoSmithKline. Both available Tdap vaccines, Adacel and Boostrix, contain high levels of aluminum. The World Health Organization states that one of the risk factors of heavy metal exposure is that it can cause microcephaly.
But I am not here to talk about the flu vaccine or Tdap. Or Brazil. I want to speak to you about all your recommendations. I am asking you today to slow down, maybe stop altogether, and reexamine the injury and death that all kinds of vaccines have caused.
Historically, this advisory committee has recommended vaccines that have not undergone safety testing with a true placebo, not another vaccine as a placebo, but a placebo that does nothing to the human body.
You have recommended vaccines that are not tested for long-term effectiveness, vaccines that severely disable and kill. Your recommendations are being applied in deceptive, abusive, forceful ways, in our own country and across the globe. True informed consent is being sidestepped and ignored. This is wrong. I am asking you today to stop and challenge one another to look at these issues in the face.
The history of vaccines, from 1850 to today, particularly in the U.S., does not show that vaccines are responsible for the major decline of disease and death. Clean water, proper nutrition, effective sanitation, holistic medicine, and compassionate quarantine have saved millions of lives. I am asking you to stop and look at a broader view of history.
You have been given a position of authority and influence. You shape the beliefs and actions of people across the world. You influence the law and the economy. Take some time and turn your eyes away from the money and the power and the illusions. Both diseases and vaccines have ruined lives. Smallpox, polio, diphtheria, pertussis, and SIDS have not been reduced. They have been renamed. Prod one another to
greater honesty. Take courage and walk away from that revolving door. Challenge each other to do what you can to end the harm and heartbreak in the vaccine industry. We can wait for you. We have a multitude of safe options to prevent sickness while you take the time to First Do No Harm.
Disease exists in many forms. But it will not win in the end. Be courageous and ask for deeper wisdom in these matters. Thank you for your time.

J H Lindberg

Dear ‘Focus On the Family’, You’re On the Wrong Side of the Vaccine Controversy

April 15, 2015 by Megan Heimer 

I guess the big question is “What would Jesus do?” I imagine he would respond with the parable of the pharmaceutical company and do a little “cleansing of the temple.”
Dear Focus on the Family,

We need to talk. Sister to brother, friend to friend, one Christian homie to another. Recently, I’ve seen several other Christian organizations whose opinions I typically value, step into the vaccination controversy. These articles have all had three things in common: they support vaccines, are void of scientific and biblical citation, and fail to address the valid religious objections Christians have (or should have) to vaccines. 

Imagine the surprise of thousands (if not millions) of parents — some of whom have vaccine injured children or children who will never be able to subscribe to your magazine (because they were killed by a routine vaccination) — when they opened up your highly anticipated “Thriving Family Magazine,” only to see your stance on a polarizing subject that was neither scientific, nor biblically based.

Because I am a Christian who cares deeply for your organization and our religious liberties, let me tell you, in love, where this article went sorely wrong and why you should retreat from your stance on vaccines until it is aligned properly with the scripture that forms the foundation of your organization. Continue reading Dear ‘Focus On the Family’, You’re On the Wrong Side of the Vaccine Controversy

21 censored questions the obedient, pharma-controlled mainstream media will never dare ask:

(NaturalNews) The surest sign of a medical dictatorship is an aggressively enforced blockade against intelligent questions. Intelligent questions, after all, can destroy a medical police state because they expose the fraud of it.

Intelligent questions — which the vaccine industry characterizes as “dangerous” — are the greatest threat to the vaccine delusions still being played out across the world today, which is precisely why such questions are not allowed to be asked. Those daring to ask such questions are now being threatened with mass arrest and imprisonment — that’s how vulnerable the fraudulent vaccine industry has now become. It can be brought down by mere words if only those words are allowed to be circulated.

What sort of questions are we not allowed to ask? Here are 21 censored questions the obedient, pharma-controlled mainstream media will never dare ask: Continue reading 21 censored questions the obedient, pharma-controlled mainstream media will never dare ask:

Vaccination Notice of Non-consent for Physicians and Schools

Look for pages 30 through 35 for vaccine non-consent templates.

See below,  but for proper formatting etc. go to link above. Continue reading Vaccination Notice of Non-consent for Physicians and Schools