Merck, Huff Po, Vaxxed: the censorship connection

Merck, Huff Po, Vaxxed: the censorship connection

Six steps to Huff Po blackout heaven

by Jon Rappoport

May 13, 2016

ONE: Recently, long-time blogger/columnist for the Huffington Post, Lance Simmens,wrote an article in which he made positive comments about the film, Vaxxed (trailer).

Simmens didn’t state that the MMR vaccine causes autism. He pointed out that Vaxxed is about a CDC whistleblower who admits to giving the MMR a free pass, who admits that he and his colleagues hid data that would have shown a connection between the vaccine and autism.

So Simmens wrote that Vaxxed is an important film, and the issue it raises needs to be investigated.

TWO: Huffington Post censored Simmens’ article. His account with Huff Po was

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VAXXED in LA – Laemmle’s Monica Film Center with Q & A afterwards



And – The controversial documentary “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe” made its film festival debut Sunday night in Ocala, concluding what officials called the most successful Silver Springs International Film Festival to date.


Vaxxed: From Cover Up To Catastrophe


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Published on Mar 27, 2016

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