Pox, Cow and Small

August 31 · 

More than a year ago I posted this finding, it caused a bit of a stir…. I am reposting with a different approach. This is to allow you time to slowly absorb this information and figure this out on your own:
I made a time line of a discovery in a book written in 1806, just 7 years after vaccine mandates started. ..At the time, people were being inoculated for smallpox….or so they thought, instead, they used the pus from cows and were inoculating the public with COWPOX. The population were actually being injected with cow DNA in order to gain “health” It took nearly 70 years for the truths to come out to what was happening to the people. Children inoculated under 4 months old had their features evolve, and those inoculated during childbearing age had children born with these features. I am going to allow you to figure out the rest. Here is the book and my timeline.


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