What are a few things POTUS has accomplished.





Creating Jobs and Training for Americans.


For many years I have always wondered why veterans have been left to rot upon returning home after being in wars? I have also been disgusted at how veterans have been used as guinea pigs for big pharma drugs and vaccines.

This woman’s husband could not get VETERAN MEDICAL help for 7 years till she wrote to Trump.

President Trump signs VA law giving vets private healthcare choices and more.



Trump Signs Law Aimed at Curbing Sex Trafficking


President Trump Announces Elite Pedophile Ring Investigation

Noteable Human Trafficking Arrests



President Trump Signs Order To Allow Children To Stay With Parents Caught Crossing Border Illegally


President Trump and Kim Jong-un Hold Signing Ceremony


Right to Try Act


President Trump Meets with North Korean Defectors


President Trump Signs the Executive Order on Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty