Why Are Doctors Silent About Vaccine Dangers?

Vaccines Uncensored

Doctors care about their patients, so why aren’t they more critical of vaccination? Is it lack of awareness, an inability or unwillingness to connect the dots, years of indoctrination or fear of possible professional repercussions if they speak out…? Dr. Bernice Eddy, (see Politics of Power and Contol;) Dr. Robert Simpson, Dr. Rebecca Carley, Dr. Jane Donegan and Dr. Andrew Wakefield are but a few examples of doctors who’ve been professionally penalized for not towing the party line

Topics on this page:

  • The Need to Alert Physicians
  • The Power of Indoctrination
  • Feeling the Pressure
  • Denial… Refusing to Connect the Dots
  • Professional Repercussions
  • Doctors… Starting to Question and Taking a Stand