Over 100 Seniors Die After Receiving Flu Shot – Rite Aid Consent Form

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Over 100 Seniors Die After Receiving Flu Shot

This gives new meaning to the term, “conflict of interest.” Two clinical trial studies were performed to determine the safety of flu shots on elderly people. The studies, conveniently enough, were funded by Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccine maker.  The studies were to be used as evidence of safety for the flu shot when given to elderly people. But both studies proved that the flu shot is anything but “safe,” and is in fact, a health hazard for the elderly.

Man who worked for Senator Pan Paralyzed after Flu Vaccine – What This Former Merck Salesman Knows About Vaccines That You Don’t –

People who have adverse reactions to vaccinations are marginalized, minimized and denied just compensation for their injuries. We take a look at the personal story of a man just injured from a vaccination, who had ironically worked for the California Senator who authored SB277 that removes parental informed consent for vaccinations.

And a former drug rep for Merck who sold vaccines tells why he would never vaccinate his children.

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