Toxic Chemical Researcher Wants Laundry Pods Banned For Good There were 10,570 injuries related to the consumption of laundry packs in 2017.

Lesley Rubinoff shared a link.

Did you know 16 out of the 27 ingredients in tide pods is found among your child’s vaccine ingredients?

Yeppers. I did some digging. Yet where is the outrage about these ingredients being purposely injected into developing children ?

Tide pod ingredients. ( 💉 ) if in vaccines too

1.) water. ( 💉 )
2.) alcoholethoxy sulfate
3.) linear alkylbenzene sulfonate
4.) propylene glycol ( 💉 )
5.) citric acid ( 💉)
6.) sodium hydroxide ( 💉)
7.) borax ( 💉)
8.) ethanolamine ( 💉)
9.) ethanol ( 💉)
10.) alcohol sulfate ( 💉)
11.) polyethyleneimine ethoxylate ( 💉)
12.)sodium fatty acids ( 💉)
13.) diquaternium ethoxysulfate
14.) protease ( 💉)
15.) diethylene glycol
16.) Laureth 9
17.) alkyldimethylamine oxide
18.) fragrance
19.) amylase ( 💉)
20.) disodium diaminostilbene disulfonate
21.) DTPA ( 💉)
22.) sodium formate ( 💉)
23.) calcium formate ( 💉)
24.) polyethylene glycol 4000 ( 💉)
25.) mannanse
26.) liquid blue. ( while not this color. Yellow # 5 and lakedye is in vaccines ) 💉
27.) dimethicone

Keep in mind injecting is far more dangerous than even digesting.

Toxic Chemical Researcher Wants Laundry Pods Banned For Good

Not All Vaccines Are the Same

Not All Vaccines Are the Same

A good place to start when researching vaccines would be to know what different types of vaccinations there are. The majority of early vaccinations fall into one of several types:

Live, Attenuated Vaccines

A vaccine that is considered ‘live’ but attenuated is one that contains the pathogen that causes the virus, with the potency of the pathogen greatly reduced. The virus remains live, but it’s altered so that it is somewhat harmless. Examples include the MMR vaccine, chicken pox, and Rotavirus vaccine.

Inactivated Vaccines

Rather than keeping it live, the virus in an inactivated vaccine is grown and then killed before it is sold. Examples include polio, rabies, and Hepatitis A vaccines.

Subunit Vaccines

A subunit vaccine isolates one non-viral component, such as a protein, from a virus and uses it as a vaccine. Examples include flu shots, HPV, and Hepatitis B vaccinations.

Toxoid Vaccines

Toxoid vaccines include inactivated bacterial toxins. Examples include pertussis (whooping cough) and tetanus vaccines.

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