Vaccine Injury Help Suggestions

BY Larry Cook

Thanks Larry.

I just received an email from a grandmother who said her 5 year old granddaughter received the hep b vaccine and within 2 hours had severe tics in her head, neck and shoulders. Of course, the doctor denied any connection, so she reached out to me after having done some research. This is what I wrote to her:

Hi Beth,
Yes, it was the vaccines. Doctors lie all the time about this – it is 100% common and predictable and it is the very reason why parents think vaccines are safe.

So, there are a lot of steps to take right now. I will give them to you:

1) Never vaccinate again – they are very dangerous and not needed
2) You will need to research this to understand why we don’t need them, so first, a few resources:
2a) Read this book:
2b) Scan this page:…/vaccine-injury-s…/
2c) Read this entire
2d) Scan this page:…/we-have-healthy-vaccine…/

3) Watch this very short video about seizures:…/how-to-treat-stop-vacci…/
3a) Watch this follow up short video about doctors and seizures:…/dont-trust-doctors-who-…/

4) Fire your pediatrician and never go back. Don’t trust the health of your child in the hands of a liar.
4b) Find a vaccine free doctor for *general health care* – I have resources here:…/find-a-vaccine-free-doc…/

5) Now your granddaughter needs to be detoxed and treated for vaccine injury (called biomedical treatment). It is very important that this is done by a MAPS doctor and not a regular conventional doctor (who, even if he did believe it was vaccine injury, would only treat symptoms anyway). With this in mind, reach out to and talk with a volunteer there. Look at their website and look at their list of MAPS doctors and also diet suggestions, supplement suggestions, etc. Do not be fooled by their name – they are vaccine injury specialists – I send all parents to them.

Look into mild hyperbaric oxygen treatment – this may be recommended – and I also recommend it.

5a) Also look into CEASE THERAPY at – this is homeopathic detox and it is very effective.

6) Join my group and ask questions – lots of parents have vaccine injured kids and they will have additional suggestions:

There is hope for some recovery from this injury, but I can’t stress enough how important it is that biomedical treatment begin ASAP, and that you stop vaccinating – each vaccine builds on the last and will destroy a child.

Good luck,


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