Vaccine Injury Help Suggestions

 BY Larry Cook

Thanks Larry.

I just received an email from a grandmother who said her 5 year old granddaughter received the hep b vaccine and within 2 hours had severe tics in her head, neck and shoulders. Of course, the doctor denied any connection, so she reached out to me after having done some research. This is what I wrote to her:

Hi Beth,
Yes, it was the vaccines. Doctors lie all the time about this – it is 100% common and predictable and it is the very reason why parents think vaccines are safe.

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Cannabis heals

This is my son. His name is Jai. He is currently seizure free on cannabis tinctures. He was prescribed 5 different AEDs, (totally 35 tablets a day). Not one of these tablets ever reduced one seizure. After 5 years, his neuro team, exhausted all pharmaceutical options. My son is alive, because of cannabis.

Vaccine Jai

Below is my daughter Tara on legal pharmacy drugs to treat her uncontrollable epilepsy (dravet syndrome). On the right is her on medical cannabis. Cannabis heals not damages. Today I have a healthy daughter due to her being illegally healed

Vaccine Tara

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Vaccine Ingredients unsafe for human consumption

Vaccine - whats in them

We’ve all received the mandatory vaccine shots as children, the guaranteed safeguard against any and every disease. Or so you would think. Recent studies and scientific surveys have explained how added preservatives and chemical additives added in vaccines, have made them unsafe for human consumption. Continue reading Vaccine Ingredients unsafe for human consumption